Why Padlocks Have a Small Hole at The Bottom

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Security is a common need for every human being in whatever level of life they are in. Apart from life security, human beings also need to secure their properties. The security will prevent their properties from being stolen or even from destruction.

It true that almost everyone has ever used a padlock in their life time. Padlocks are commonly used to lock houses and even other structures for security purposes.

But have you ever realised that there is usually a small hole at the bottom of the padlock. I thought you should understand it’s use

The small hole right at the bottom is strategically located at the bottom of the padlock for this reasons.

Lets Water Drain out.

If the padlock is used for mainly outdoor reasons then it’s common that it may get water which may make it to rust and thus hard to unlock. The hole that is locate next to the Key hole will drain Water out this prevent it from rusting.

Oiling the padlock

Incase the padlock rusts and needs to be lubricated the hole is used to pass through the oil that will help to remove rust.

It important to make sure that your padlock’s hole is open to prevent the damages that may cause damages such as rusting and blockage. I hope that your are now knowledgeable of something that many have been ignoring but still important.

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