Ten ways to breakup with your girl this December to avoid overspending!

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(1)I tell you to call me at 4:30 pm and you’re calling me at 4:28 pm ! You lack patience ! It’s over!

(2)we are both walking on the road and you’re stepping on my shadow! So you want to murder my spirit
it’s over!


(3)I am talking to you and you’re busy breathing ! You lack manners ! It’s over!

(4)did you just call me honey ? So you’re indirectly calling my mother a bee ! You lack respect! It’s over!

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(5)you dialed my number 4 good times and you off my battery ! You’re capable of murdereing me ! It’s over!

(6)I came to your house yesterday and your mother cannot kneel down and greet me ! What impudence! It’s over!

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(7)we are both having sex and you’re shouting “harder baby! Kill me baby!” So you’ve turn me into a murderer ? It’s over!

(8)I remember on the may 5th, you chop fried rice and chicken in my house and you don’t wash the plate!
You’re dirty! It’s over!

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(9)your father can’t even speak good English ! That’s embarrassing! It’s over!

(10)we are both eating on the table and you’re busy talking and staring at my face ! You lack table manners ! It’s over!

(11)I told you I need boiled egg to eat yam and you’re busy frying it ! You’re disobedient ! It’s finally over!

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