How To Transfer Airtime On 9mobile 2021

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Are you searching on how to transfer airtime on 9mobile line to 9mobile phone number?

In this article, I will be teaching you steps that should be taken to transfer credit on 9mobile. Many people have been asking of a way to share their airtime with family and friends. It is possible and the process is easy. All you need to do is read this article with great care and follow the outlined steps.

9mobile is formally known as Etisalat. One of the best telecommunication company when it comes to voicemail and data. They are highly profiled due the quality services they render to theirs customers.

Remember that you can’t transfer 9mobile airtime to any other telecommunication network like Glo MTN or airtel. This tutorial is focused on how to transfer credit from 9mobile to 9mobile. Get basis on how to transfer airtime on etisalat.

How To Transfer Airtime On 9mobile To 9mobile

The following steps you should follow to transfer your airtime on 9mobile.

How To Activate 9mobile Transfer Pin Or Code

This is the pin or code that enables you to authorize any transaction. Without these codes your transaction will be incomplete and unsuccessful.

  • To create a new pin or change your 9mobile airtime transfer PIN, Dial *247*defaultPIN*NewPIN#.
  • For instant to change your PIN to 0921 on 9mobile, Dial *247*0000*0921#.
    Please your transfer pin or 4 digit code must be easy to remember. If you forget it, you can’t transfer airtime on the phone number without it. Choose any 4 digit number and secure it.

How To Transfer Credit On 9mobile To 9mobile

  • To transfer airtime from 9mobile phone number to another 9mobile phone number , dial *223*pin * Amount * Phone number#. This implies that you will dial *223*0000*200*09012395678# to transfer airtime of N200 to your preferred phone number. Remember that the phone number must be q 9mobile line. Airtime transfer from 9mobile line to other networks are not allowed.
  • Now you will be allowed to reply 1 to continue the transaction or 2 to cancel it. I advise you to be very careful when transferring the credit because any mistake in the phone. The airtime transferred can’t be averted.
  • You will receive a message showing that your transaction was successful. Then the airtime have been transferred.


I hope you have learned how to transfer airtime on 9mobile 2021 and change 9mobile transfer pin? You can reach us through the comment box below. Share your thoughts with us.

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