Guy are afraid of me because they saw this on my chest.

Guys are afraid of me because they saw this on my chest, should I kill myself because of nature?

Without doubting it there are ladies who have the same characteristics as men do, especially when it comes to hair issue, and most men do not like such ladies, men are likely known for having hair on their chest and have beard too, and women also do too but rare, even when it comes to being muscular, ladies are also involved.

On social media a lady posted about her experience, what she pass through day by day because of what she has on her body.

According to her she made a complain that because if her hairy chest, most men find it difficult to talk to her or approach her. It is believe by many people that ladies who have hair on their chest are likely to be wicked.

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See her post below:

See how many people responded to the photo:

What do you think about this lady, can you take in a lady like that..?

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