Best ways to prevent pregnancy without condoms

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Most people complain that they don’t enjoy using condoms while having a time with their spouse, some said its not giving them that natural feeling while others say it hurts and doesn’t give them the freedom they deserve for orgasm.

The good news is that there are ways to prevent pregnancy without using latex condoms. Calculate your ovulation and menstrual cycle that’s the best way to go natural.

Pay attention to the physical signs of ovulation. Some women can tell when they’re ovulating by looking at their vaginal discharge. Directly before ovulation, cervical mucous becomes like raw egg whites in consistency (you could stretch it between your fingers). And your basal body temperature will rise about a half-degree when ovulation has taken place, so some women chart their temps each morning before getting out of bed. The catch there is that when you see the rise in temperature, you’ve already ovulated — so time is of the essence! Others get advance notice by buying home ovulation predictor kits, which are relatively accurate, though somewhat pricey.

After you must have known how to identify your ovulation it’s time to tell you the way.

From the last day of your mensuration till the last 9days of your next ovulation is safe for sexual intercourse.

Note that this may not work for some people because of their body physiology so apply caution

you Can combine the natural method with other contraceptives for a better result. Meet your Doctor for advice.


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