Addressing The Menace Called African Time

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Yes I created it in Culture section because it seems to be our way of life. 


How do Nigerians do it?

They are always on time for a movie at the cinema, but never for appointments, lectures, occasions, trainings…etc

In fact, it is now an aberration to be an early bird. I looked like the odd one out sometime ago because I was right there on time. A meeting scheduled for 9am, there I was by 8:42am and no one in sight but the speaker. They started trooping in one after the other. It took us about 90mins to get a reasonable number, just enough to start the meeting.

Today something similar repeated itself.

It is so annoying. Don’t they have clocks or what? Why are many Nigerians not time conscious?

I have only attended very few public events that actually started on time with a reasonable number of people. We have to wage a war against this menace called African Time.

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