15 Idioms and their Meanings, you May See in WAEC and Post UTME

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meaning is not deducible from the literal meanings of its component words, often peculiar to a given language. They exist in all languages. The use of Idioms in oral english are very important ways of manifesting your mastery of English language. Most qualifying examinations, like WAEC and Post UTME would have sections that are meant to examine students on their understanding of the use of English idioms.

Below are 15 English idioms and their meanings that qualifying students are likely going to see in their exam.

1. Back against the wall

Meaning: Be in a difficult situation from where escape is difficult.

2. Bite off more than you can chew

Meaning: To try to do something that is too difficult for yoU

3. Head over heels

Meaning: You are completely in love

4. Up in arms

Meaning: Angry about something

5. Drive a hard bargain

Meaning: You argue hard to get a favourable deal

6. Blow your own trumpet

Meaning: You tell people how good or successful you are

7. Once in a blue moon

Meaning: Something that happens rarely

8. Sell like hot cakes

Meaning: It sells very fast

9. Change tune

Meaning: You change the way you behave with others from good to

10. Run around in circles

Meaning: To be active without achieving an worthwhile result.

11. The other side of the coin

Meaning: The other point of view

12. Face the music

Meaning: You’re at the receiving end of somebody’s criticism or reprimand.

13. No smoke without fire

Meaning: A suspicion or rumour is not for nothing. It usually has some basis.

14. Show someone the door

Meaning: To ask someone to leave

15. Keep one's word

Meaning: To do as promised

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